Gary Williams The Outdoorsman
Gary grew up in Danville, Virginia.  Gary’s father,
Walter, was an avid quail hunter and by the time Gary
was six years old, he would accompany his father and
bird dogs on hunting trips.  It was Gary’s fondest
challenge to find and retrieve a downed quail before his
father’s prized English Setters were able to do so.  
When Gary was old enough to hold a cane-pole he
began fishing in lakes and ponds using a real cork

As time passed, Gary received his first shotgun at the
age of 10.  In his early years, Gary predominantly
hunted quail and other small game.  When he wasn’t
hunting, he was usually fishing, and when he wasn’t
doing either, he would be camping with the Boy
Scouts.  Gary eventually traded his cane-pole for his
first rod and reel (a Zebco 202) and during the Spring
& Summer would take a daily bicycle ride to his favorite
lake to fish for bass and pan fish.  Gary began using a
fly rod when he was 12 and was introduced to trout
fishing by his buddy Jeff, when he was 13.   Over the
years and to this day, trout fishing has become Gary’s
favorite fishing pastime.   

As the years passed, farming and land management
changed in Virginia and the quail became less plentiful.  
As this transition took place, the deer and turkey
populations became healthier and Gary and his father
redirected their outdoor pastimes to chasing big bucks
and long-bearded toms.  Over the years, Gary moved
around a bit and had the opportunity to hunt and fish
in other states including North Carolina, Ohio, New
York, Michigan, Kentucky and Colorado.  Gary now has
settled in NC with his wife Gina and has a vacation
cabin and land in the foothills of VA where he does
most of his hunting and fishing.  Gary and his father
still regularly hunt and fish together.  During those few
hours when Gary is not pursuing his outdoor hobbies,
he is dabbling in real estate (Gary has his NC and VA
real estate licensees) and poking around in the financial