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Data Is Much More Reliable
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Data from on-line surveys are much more reliable
than that of phone, postal mail or intercept
surveys.  Why?  Call it human error and interviewer
bias.  Phone surveys are typically conducted by
part-time workers who receive low hourly wages
with minimal training.  Through poor and neglectful
communication, data input errors are introduced.  
Also the data is key-punched by someone other
than the respondent.  The respondent has no way
of knowing if the phone interviewer is hearing their
responses accurately and/or is even key punching
the response accurately.  With postal mail,
responses have to keyed-in from sometimes
illegible handwriting, not to mention key-punch
errors made by the key-puncher.

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With paper surveys, respondents typically skip around the survey form  and leave much vital
information blank.   On the other hand, the on-line survey respondent will see each question on their
screen and then key strokes their own answers, with the ability to catch and correct their own
mistakes.  The survey can be programmed to require the respondent to answer all questions so
there are no gaping holes in your data.  The data entered by the respondent is downloaded and
automatically interviewer bias, no translation errors and no data entry errors by
third parties.

Other Advantages Of On-Line Surveys

Costs are Significantly Lower Than Traditional  Methods (click to learn more)

You Have Results Much Faster (click to learn more)

Open End Feedback Is Much Richer And More  Meaningful (click to learn more)

You Have Much More Flexibility In What You Can Research (click to learn more)

More Convenient For Respondents (click to learn more)

Now that you know the advantages of conducting your research using on-line surveys versus
traditional methods,
learn the advantages of choosing OUTDOOR surveys to do your research versus
the larger less efficient research suppliers.
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