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More Convenient For Respondents
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With phone surveys, researchers have a limited
window of opportunity in the evening hours to reach
a person at home (that's only true if the respondent
happens not to be on the National  "Do Not Call"  
data base).  For those few respondents agreeing to
cooperate by accurate  and thorough
do you think their responses are in common
situations where they are in a hurry to get back to
dinner or back to their favorite TV program?  An
on-line survey can be answered by respondents 24
hours a day ....on their own terms.  In fact, if they
get half-way through and want to resume
problem, the survey is automatically saved and they
can pick up where they left off later that day or days
later.  No time restraining appointment has to be
made as with one-on-one face to face interviews.  
Respondents can sit comfortably in their own home,
take their own time and casually answer their survey
as they enjoy a cup of coffee.

(see other advantages below)
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