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Gary's Cabin & Surrounding Scenes
Gary Williams Cabin Winter Scene III
Gary Williams Cabin Winter Scene II
Gary Williams Cabin Winter Scene 1
Gary Williams Cabin Winter Scene IV
What a purchase of a lifetime.  This is my hunting and fishing cabin located in Carroll County, Virginia.  It sits
about 25 feet from a trout stream.  I can walk out the door and in immediately be surrounded by trout, deer,
turkey, bear, ducks, grouse and bobcat.   Much of the land is still undisturbed and undeveloped in the area and
its my deepest wish that it remains so as long as I'm still drawing air.  
This shows what a little fresh stain and spring can do to liven up the place!  Regardless of
the season, the cabin has its own character.  I have tried to convince my wife that we should
sell our home in NC and move to the cabin.  She says she will....but first I have to add to the
size of it about four or five fold. guessed it, she's a material girl.  Oh well, at
least I have it as a "get-away".
Gary is sitting on the cabin front porch with Savannah.  The middle photo was taken by Gina and is one that
I always liked.  Its just a simple screen door looking out over the winter cover, but something about the
shadows I found attractive.  Same thing with the storm brewing in the right photo which captures the tip
top of our cabin in the lower right portion of the photo.
Above and below are seasonal shots of the trout stream that runs through our property.  It's
indeed a paradise for the outdoorsman.  To the bottom right is the low level bridge that we cross
to reach our property.  After heavy rains the bridge will flood over.  Generally the flooding is
short lived to ten or 12 hours, but its has lasted for days, preventing us from being able to leave
the cabin area.
Above are photos of the bench I have dedicated to my mom (Jean) and dad (Walter) of Danville,
Virginia.  I owe my success and happiness in life to the both of them who have always been there
for me - through the good and bad times, the ups and downs.   I was truly blessed with such
wonderful parents.
An old abandoned farm house sits peacefully on a winters eve.  These are the types of scenes that I
don't rob with a passing glance, but will stop and stare and reflect's even more lovely and  fulfilling
actually being there.
In the rural Appalachia Mountains, folks love to get together for some good 'ole country music and
pot luck dinners.  Above, some musicians pick at their instruments and entice a young couple to
display their flat-foot'n/clogging skills.
Above is a photo Gina took of Mabry Mill in the winter time.  The mill is located on
the Blue Ridge Parkway at Mile Post 176.1, near Meadows of Dan, VA (about 20
minutes from our cabin).

The mill is situated in a beautiful location that has been photographed and painted
many times.  It is a restored gristmill/sawmill/woodworking shop and blacksmith
shop.  Old time skills (basket weaving, seat caneing, spinning, and weaving) are  
demonstrated throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. They also feature apple
butter making on Sundays in October  and have oldtime bluegrass music on
Sundays from 2:00 - 6:00 p.m. where locals will sometimes clog.
Above left, buddy Dave West who I met in Michigan and have remained friends
through the years.  Dave now lives in New Jersey with his wife Katy and Dave and
Katy typically will come down to the cabin each Spring for an annual pilgrimage.  Dave
tries to get in as much trout fishing as he can.  To the right, Glenda and Joe.  The pair
are good friends who live in NC and regularly come up to the mountains to kick around.
They are seen here at one of our regular stomp'n grounds....Pour Farmers Market.  
Joe keeps saying he's going to purchase a cabin.....I'll believe it only when I see it!
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