Fly Goose Image
Gary's Camping Photos
From left, Gary's brother Dennis,
and their dad Walter and Gary.  
Hanging out at a boy scout camping
In middle photo to the forefront is Gary's buddy Jeff Yates and
buddy Jeff Woliver in the background.  To the right, Jeff Woliver
preparing for lunch.  We were trout fishing and camping at Smith
River, Va.  I remember that Jeff Yates got a trout bone caught in his
throat and Jeff  Woliver burned up his fishing waders by the campfire
after trying to dry them out following a spill into the stream.
Above and below are photos of a camping trip Gary and his dad Walter took back in the early 80's
to a stream in Carroll County Virginia.  We were the only ones in the area and had great fishing -
check out the nice Brown lower left corner photo.
Above and below are photos of Gary's wife Gina (years before being married).  Gina was always
a good camping sport and enjoyed it.  After we bought a cabin and acreage in Carroll County Va,
we camped a great deal less.  Lots of our camping trips were simple car camps (where the tent
is set up a short walking distance to the car), but we had a number of good ones where we would
hike miles into the back country with limited supplies.
Gary cooks some breakfast on his old reliable
Coleman stove by a campsite on the river.
Gina and I hiked into an area we wanted to fish
but could only get to it with the help of some
rope.  To the right Gina looks for ways to climb
out of the gorge.
Above is the campground the Highland County Wildlife Management Area.  This campground
is very remote and usually only filled during the hunting season.  It's nestled many miles
from any commerce and about as remote as you are going to find in the state of Virginia.
Above are some shots from camping trips and hiking trails I took in the early 80's in Colorado.  Colorado is
simply a sportsman's paradise.  To the far right is college classmate friend Dan Parliman cooking up some
breakfast before we headed out to catch some Cutthroat trout.
Click pictures below to see enlarged image.
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