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Gary's Fishing - Adult Years
Gary Williams
gary williams
Gary Williams
Gary Williams
Gary Williams
Gary Williams
Gary Williams
Gary Williams
Gary with a nice Brown and Brook caught in Virginia
in the Summer of 2007.  The big brown was
returned to the water the big brook held for
Gary with his largest trout to date...a fat
25 3/4" lunker caught out of a small
northern Va. stream in the late 80's.  
Gary with his nice rainbow taken in the Spring of 2007 out of a small Virginia stream.
Gary regularly fishes for trout in small Virginia streams where for the most part they are native trout
or not stocked near the areas he fishes and are considered "carry-overs".  His favorite trout are the
natural pink-flesh trout that have fattened off of aquatic insects and not Purina Trout Chow which
produces a bland white tasteless flesh.
Most of the "big"  (20" plus) trout  that Gary catches are released back to the stream.  That's why so
many of his big trout photos you see are taken at the stream itself instead of back at the cabin after the
fishing trip is over.    All of these big boys were released for others to enjoy.....should they be so
Gary limited out one recent Fall with a fine
stringer of 12" trout and a fat tom on his
"Cast & Blast" outing.  Fall days don't get
much better than this.
Above is some simple displaying of wild mountain trout caught for a fine dinner to come.  These
trout have pink flesh from feeding on the natural aquatic insects.
Gary fishing in a beautiful Colorado Lake in the early 80's for trout.  Gary lived in Colorado for two
to three years while attending graduate school and feel in love with the sportsman paradise.
A common stance in the stream where
Gary is apparently changing lures in
hopes of catching the next willing
Gary pouring water out of his wader
with an exposed soggy sock.  Any trout
fisherman saying they haven't
experienced the same hasn't trout
fished long enough to call themselves a
trout fisherman.
Gary trying to tell his
wife Gina not to take
his picture.  You see how
well she listens.
The above are shots of the Smith River, in Virginia  while wading for big browns and rainbows
Gary in typical wading fashion at Kibler Valley.  A trout stream located in Patrick County Virginia.
In the mid 90's, Gary was living in Michigan.  He was told that the Salmon were
running in the northern part of the state.  He and his "soon wife to be", Gina,
simply got in the car one day and headed north.  They had absolutely no idea where
to go nor what to use for catching Salmon.  After a long drive and  making
repeated stops to talk to locals, they found a tiny relatively unknown stream with
giant fishing running in them.     It paid off....a fishing trip we'll never forget.
Gary has taken numerous lunker trout through the
years in small southeastern Virginia streams, with
many of them shown here.  He loves his trout fishing.  
Gary fishing on a combined trout fishing and camping trip at Wilson Creek in N.C.  The trout were
average in size.  The environment was beautiful.  To the right Gary is cleaning some fish for a camp
Gary with two nice browns.  The one on the left measured out at 20" and the one on
the right at approximately 22 1/2".  Both taken in a small southwestern Virginia trout
Gary with a 23 1/2" Brown
caught one spring morning on
his very first cast into the
river he loves to fish.
Gary with a fat 18" brown full
of color caught on a summer
Above left, Gary holds a stringer of trout that he and his wife Gina caught one June.  The fishing was
so fast and furious that morning that Gary and Gina had their limit, stopped for breakfast and got
back to the cabin in time to head to church.  The mid photo is a nice stringer of trout for any fishing
trip and to the right Gary's cat Savannah checks out the catch of the day.
Above are some fish to remember.   Every new year, Gary looks forward to wading small
southwestern Virginia trout streams in hopes of catching the next big trout.
When the stream conditions
are right and the fishing
pressure hasn't been
excessive, catching a couple of
really nice trout on the same
day isn't out of the question.
One of Gary's very first nice trout.  This one got
mounted and in on the cabin wall.
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