Flying Goose Image
Gary's Fishing In His Early Years
Gary at 6 years of age
with a cane pole and cork
bobber and showing a big
night crawler at Elk Horn
Lake, Va.
Gary at 7 years of age with a
cane pole and cork bobber and
this time showing off a "leaf"
at least that what it looks like.
Gary at 9 years old, this time
with some fish he caught along
the coast line vacationing at
the ocean with his parents and
Gary's father went stripper
fishing one morning without Gary
and brought this stringer of
strippers home.  Gary asked to go
the very next day.  Gary's
brother Dennis (center) just
wanted his photo taken!
Gary got the chance to go fishing the
next day with his dad (notice same
clothes) and caught a stripper out of
the Dan River as long as his leg!  Age
Gary fishing at Peaks of
Otter in Bedford, Virginia as
a pre-teen.
Gary would regularly ride his bicycle (and sometimes walk) the mile and a half to his favorite lake
at Dans Hills in Danville, Va.   Doing this nearly every day in the Spring and Summer.   Gary
started using a fly rod early (teaching himself) and this was his first big bass he caught using his
fly rod.  The lake during an early morning fog is pictured to the right.
As a youngster,  Gary regularly hunted and fished with his buddies Robert Crump and Jeff Yates.  Above
is a picture of Robert catching a fish out of the Bannister River near Chatham, Va.  We were on a
combined Spring turkey hunt (hence Robert's make-up job) and fishing trip.  Robert caught a glimpse of
a big Tom flying across the river but had no clean shot.  I didn't see was a fun day
nonetheless.  To the right is Robert Fishing at the "old" lake at Dan's Hills, Danville, Va.
At 15, Gary was still fishing at the lakes over at Dan's
Hills, Va.  This is one of his many bass caught.  Gary
wasn't much of a fish eater in his younger day and most
of his bass were returned to the lake.   Somebody must
have wanted to keep this one.
Gary holding up a stringer of trout caught by
he and his father out of Smith River on the
opening day of trout season.  The limit of
trout per person was 8 at the time.  It was
always easy to limit out on opening day.
At age 12 Gary was introduced to trout fishing by his buddy Jeff Yates and his father Gil.  It only took
a year or so for Gary to transition from lake fishing for bass and pan fish to stream fishing for trout.  
While Gary enjoys "any kind of fishing", trout fishing quickly became his true love of the outdoors
relative to the world of fishing.  Here Gary is shown in the first two photos as a teenager (around 16 or
17) showing off some of his trout.   Gary is a little older and the trout a little bigger in photo to the
Gary's favorite stream to fish during his pre-teen and teen years was the Smith River in
Virginia.  Top left is a shot of the Smith River which is plenty wide for fly fishing.  To the right
is Gary posing with one of his big Browns.
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