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Gary's Wife Gina in the Outdoors
In the upper left is Gina balanced against some boulders at Wilson Creek, NC trying to catch a big brown.  
In the middle is Gina standing in some swift water carefully fishing the whole stretch for a lone trout.  
The photo to the far right was taken one Autumn off of a bridge at the Smith River, Va.  Gina is a small
spec in the middle of the stream
Above are shots of Gina at one of the prettiest fishing spots we know of.  Nestled in a remote area in NC
requiring a good 2 hour hike from any vehicle to reach but well worth the walk for its beauty and peacefulness
and not to mention fat trout.
Gina caught a "Golden Trout" in a small southeastern stream in Virginia.  Obviously not a native to the stream.
We inquired a bit and eventually learned a handful had been stocked some time ago in the area.  After this trip,
we caught a few more over the weeks and months but returned them to unharmed the stream....including one
big 17" golden trout.  In the third photo Gina's Golden is compared to a Rainbow and to the far right compared
to a Brown.
Upper left, after a long hike to our fishing area, Gina is trading her hiking shoes for a pair of waders.
In the mid and right photos, Gina on the back deck of our Kernersville, NC home preparing to cook
some fresh mountain trout up for dinner.
To the left, Gina is holding a good stringer of trout we both caught at Smith River, Va.  In the middle she
is holding a stringer of trout we caught one Sunday morning with plenty of time left over to head to
church.  To the far right is Gina showing a couple of nice rainbows she caught.
First and second photos are Gina standing in the stream with a fat brown she had just caught.  To the far
right, Gina with a stringer of fat browns she caught.  Yep, she can out-fish most anyone on a good day.  
Honey, notice I said "most anyone", not "anyone"....she still has one 'ole boy to contend with!!!!
This looks like a fall fishing outing .  Gina is all bundled up, but has managed to put a fish on the line.  Can't
recall if she successfully netted it or not.  We'll say she did.
Gina with a early Spring stringer of trout.  If I recall, we both shared in catching these, but I have
to admit she caught the biggest one.  
Gina posing with trout from three different fishing trips and what are obviously three different eras in our
relationship.  The far left is from some of our earlier days - sometime in the 80's ( I can tell from the "Do"
and the middle is a little later - perhaps in the mid 90's and the far right is another 10 years later - maybe
2005.   Honey, you're like a fine wine.....improving with time.
Gina and I lived together for a while in Michigan when I was employed by Kellogg's.  We heard the
Salmon were running up North and got in the car one weekend heading in their direction.  We had no
idea where to go or what to use to catch them, but we were on a journey.  What a memorable trip.  
Gina and I caught two huge Salmon.  
Gina thus far has declined to hunt with me.  She will however shoot a gun and a
pretty good shot she is!  Her she is holding my trustworthy Remington 742 30-06
Woodsmaster.   That's my deer rifle given to me as a boy and I don't let just
anyone handle that.
What a story this was.  Gina and I were up in Michigan fishing for trout one day and her Rooster Tail spinner
got caught on the gravel bottom of the stream.  She gave it a yank and the Rooster Tail buried itself in the tip
of her nose.  The hook was not in such a way that you could pass it through and clip the barb, so off to the
emergency room we went.  Gina was a good sport and all ended well.   The odd thing about this story is that
years earlier, my father and I were trout fishing in Virginia and the same thing happened to me.  Yep I buried
the spinner (in my case a Panther Martin) in the very tip of my nose .  Also I had to go to the emergency room
to have it removed.  Too bad I didn't get a photo to post it next to Gina's.  I guess these experiences tell us
we were destined for each other.
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