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Gary's Hunting in His Early Years
Gary at age 11 holding his first
shotgun - a Harrington & Richardson
single shot 20 gauge.  Gary's first
game taken with the gun was a
squirrel.  That was an unforgettable
first hunt with his father using his
"own" shotgun.
Gary and his father posing for
an editorial piece in the
Goodyear newsletter.  Gary
and his dad, Walter, regularly
hunted quail back the good 'ole
days when they were plentiful
in Virginia.
Gary and his buddies Jeff and Robert use to hunt regularly in an area about a mile or two outside of
the Danville Va, city limits we called "James Road".  This area always had plenty of ducks, quail,
woodcock, rabbit, squirrel and deer.  To the left was one of the focal points we called the "Saw-mill
area" which was basically an old abandoned saw mill site.  The middle photo is a shot of Gary standing on
ice in the swamp area along the Dan River - a great place for flushing ducks.  The far right photo has
Gary holding a couple of ducks he flushed in the frozen swamp area.
Above is the area Gary and his
dad regularly hunted for deer
and quail referred to as the
"Chatham" area.  There were
mass spans of fields for game
and also the Bannister River was
a focal point.
Gary holding a rabbit at about age
14.  Gary learned to draw his
bead quickly when flushing quail
and with the first 12 rabbits
Gary ever jumped, he bagged
each one.  He missed his 13th!
When Gary hunted for small
game as a youth he would
regularly hunt for squirrel,
rabbit, dove, quail and woodcock.  
Here is the harvest from a
typical Sat. hunt - 2 squirrels and
2 rabbits.
Gary's first bow kill was a
squirrel at the age of 13.  The
squirrel was taken with a 25
lb recurve bow.
Here, Robert Crump, one of Gary's
hunting buddy holds a couple of
squirrels taken on a frosty winter
Robert Crump with his dad and our
friend Dale Hyler with a big doe
Robert's father took with a recurve
From left, Jeff Yates, Gary and
his dad with a button buck
Gary's father took on one of
their hunts back in the early
Gary with his first big buck, a nice 8 pointer taken in Highland County Virginia.   A trail of cars crossing
one of several streams when we hunted the Highland Wildlife Management Area.  The roads were rough
on cars and part of our hunting crew had to repair the rear-end of one of the vehicles on the Highland
County Hunt.
Highland County Virginia is definitely a hunter's paradise.  In the early 70's Gary and his dad and others from
the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. out of Danville, Virgina took the fall pilgrimage to the highlands.  To the left
is a photo of Jack Mountain where we did most of our hunting.  The middle photo is a shot of Gary's dad
(Walter) and brother (Dennis) taking a mid day break from hunting.  Looks like someone bagged a deer as it
lays in the shade next to the truck.  Far right is a big buck taken off of Jack Mountain.
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