The Photo, Video & Link Room
OUTDOOR PHOTOS (we have 3 photo rooms)

  • Gary's Photo World (Don't expect professional
    photography here!  Just simple snapshots of
    Gary's personal world of hunting and fishing
    through the years.)

  • The Perfect Turkey Gun - If you are looking for a
    great turkey gun - look no further.  Step by step
    instructions of what you need for an outstanding


  • Unique and Entertaining Outdoor Videos
    (For now this is a work in process that will not be
    placed on this site until late 2019.  I'll place a
    special message on our home page when they are

OUTDOOR LINKS (we have 4  link rooms)

    associations, foundations and societies dedicated
    to fishing, hunting, camping, conservation and
    other aspects of our outdoors.  Take time to visit
    their sites and learn what these organizations can
    do for you and what you can do for them.

    All states have agencies dedicated to protect and
    manage our natural resources our wildlife, lakes,
    streams, forests and marine areas.  This site will
    give you access to the state agency of your

    The owner of OUTDOOR surveys, Gary Williams,
    spends most of his outdoor recreational time in
    the state of Virginia.  These sites are considered
    among the best for a Virginia outdoor enthusiast.

    All deer hunters are interested in looking at nice bucks
    This link takes you to several good racks taken in the
    state of VA.