Flying Goose Image
Gary's Father in the Outdoors
Yes, back in the early 60's even if you
bagged a doe, you got your picture in the
paper in Danville, Va.  Most people in the
area had never seen a deer at that time.
The photo is very grainy newspaper
clipping from the early 60's of dad's
big 8 pointer.
First and foremost through his
hunting years, dad was a bird
hunter.   I once watched him drop
5 from a covey flush and will
never forget it.   The kid by the
way is Gary!
On the left is Joe, one of dad's best
Setters and on the right is Dad's
prized Gordon Setter, Nell.  He had
German Pointers too, but among all his
dogs 'ole Nell was the best and most
This was a common site in the
late 50's and early 60'
coming home with a deer strapped
across his Willys Jeepster.
These photos are of dad taken during his early years of deer hunting.  Back in the
late 60's and early 70's he would hunt regularly in the mountains of Craig and Bath
Counties, Va. as well as near Chatham Va along the Banister River.
All of these shots were from Highland County Virginia.  In the first photo on the left, there is a mountain
range behind dad.  Each year we would park the car where he is standing and "walk" to the top of that
mountain rage to hunt deer and turkey.  We called that land the "private land".  Another mountain range
we hunted was Jack Mountain - 2nd photo from left.  That's the mountain I took my first 4 bucks.  The
third photo is a group of hunters crossing one of many streams in the Highland Wildlife Management
Area. The last photo is a shot of my father and brother taking a mid day break from hunting on Jack
Mountain.  Looks like someone bagged a deer - its laying next to the truck.
Meet Dad, the striped bass fisherman.  Years ago, dad would regularly fish the "brickyard"
area of the Dan River in Danville Virginia in April and May as the Striped Bass made their
annual run up the river.  Dad is in the second photo back row far right holding his trophy for
a Goodyear Fishing Contest.  He's holding his winning striper in the far right photo.
Meet dad, the elk hunter.  Back in the early 70's dad took a trip out to Colorado for a guided elk hunt.  He
came back with lots of good stories.  He took a nice bull on this trip.  The last photo shows dad ready to head
down the mountain wish a fresh quarter of elk.
Dad visited with me when I was earning my MBA at Colorado State.  I took him up to the foothills of Colorado
to do some trout fishing.  If you look hard in the first photo on the left is a stream way...way...down the valley.
That was our destination.  We had already walked an hour and a half to reach the point where the photo was
taken.  In the second photo, dad is taking it easy and resting on a bolder while fishing.  The fishing was worth
it.  What a beautiful stream...brooks, browns and rainbows and nothing stocked!
First picture to the left is dad holding a stringer of trout he and I caught at Smith
River, in Virginia.  Second to the right is dad holding a couple of nice ones he landed
just prior to them heading for the frying pan.  The third pic is dad feasting on some
wild berries while taking a break from fishing and finally we have dad frying up some
freshly caught trout on one of our camping trips.
Meet dad, the turkey hunter.  Dad has only started hunting turkeys in recent years, but he has
a natural knack for it and has grown quickly fond of searching out big toms.  In fact his first
gobbler was huge, with a 10 inch beard and weighing over 22 lbs.  In the final photo, both dad
and I bagged nice gobblers on a recent opening spring day.
The sights above are typical for our deer hunting.  Neither of us own 4 wheelers, so we
drag our deer back to the car or truck by hand, then hang it up and the skinning process
starts.  Dad and I have skinned many a deer through the years and hopefully many more
yet to come.
The shots immediately above and immediately below are dad showing off some of his bucks taken in
recent years.  The 6 pointer in the top left corner sent him to the emergency room.  Once I have
my video room up and running, I'll have a video that tells the story!
Dad caught this "huge" catfish in
South Carolina.
Gary's father, Walter Williams of Danville Virginia, was
the youngest in his family of 12 kids.   He began hunting
and fishing as a toddler.  His first love in the outdoors
was bird hunting.  Scroll down below to visit Walter's
Outdoor World.  Double click any thumbnail shot to
enlarge it for better viewing.
Dad with his Pointer and
Setter looking for singles
along a lakes edge after a
covey flush.
Click pictures below to see enlarged image.
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