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Product Testing
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No company can afford to place products on the market
without first field testing them.  Even product
modifications to existing products require testing.

So how is this done via on-line surveys?  The short
answer - Easily!

First we determine the profile of intended users of the
product.  For instance; age, gender, geographic
locations, outdoor hobby preferences, etc.  Once we
have identified the ideal consumer for testing, we send
out a survey to a large population to screen for the key
consumer characteristics you want your testers to
possess.  Those respondents who pass your screening
requirements are invited to participate in a test prior to
exiting their survey.

Those agreeing to participate in product testing are then
mailed the required products for testing along with
testing instructions and are asked to complete an
on-line survey at the end of the test period.  Often,
respondents keep the test product for "incentive"
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