Creating the Perfect Turkey Gun...
Truly a Top Turkey gun!
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Ingredients for the Best Turkey Gun:  
  • Benelli 3 1/2" Camo SuperNova w/SteadyGrip
  • Burris #410609 Weaver Style Camo Plate
  • Traditions Camo Scope mount rings #A1367HD
  • XXX Turkey Choke (Comp-N-Choke shown)
  • Good Quality Scope (Nikon 2 x 7  Shotgun
    scope #6317)
  • Need Hacksaw and 13mm socket wrench
Burris makes a high quality plate.
# 410609 fits the Benelli's SuperNova (well
sort of)
The Super Nova has a rise at the back end
that requires you to saw off just under 1/2"
of the plate if you want it to lay flat (and you
Get a good quality extra tight triple (xxx)
full choke.  I'm extremely satisfied with my
Comp-N-Choke. (Special note:
Comp-N-Choke no longer offers a camo
choke like mine - but  is available in black
which is just fine).
Get a good quality scope.  
  • The camo 2x7 Nikon Shotgun Scope (#6317)
    Or if you want to spend a little extra with a few
    more whistles and bells, go with the Nikon
    TurkeyPro shotgun scope.  I like the #6317
    just fine.
  • Red Dot scopes will work.  i just don't like the
    fact you can see the red reflection from many
    of the dot scopes on the market (from
    Turkey's perspective) and potential battery
    issues at  critical moment - but to each their
I love see through mounts.  In those rare
situations where you can't get your target in
your scope, you still have an option to use
your iron sites.
Traditions A1367HD Aluminum camo scope
rings do the trick.
If you are working with a SuperNova SteadyGrip,
be sure to have a 13mm deep socket wrench (to
loosen the stock) as you need to take the plastic
fillers out of the holes where the barrel was
pre-drilled and tapped.  Breaking the gun down is
the only way to do this and the stock has to be
loosened to pull the trigger assembly out..  
Benelli, if someone in product design is reading
this, consider revising your design to allow for
plastic inserts with screw threads and pass the
cost to would make life
so much easier for
your customers.

Get out your hacksaw if you bought the Burris
Plate - it's too long to lay flat on the Super Nova.

Also, since you cut off the Burris Plate and now
have raw exposed metal on one end of the plate,
use some Rust-oleum paint (flat black) to touch
up the end - you don't want the plate to rust.
You Tube Video Showing Breakdown of Benelli SuperNova with Steady Grip
Click link below to see "How To Video" for disassembly of Benelli SuperNova
OK my friends,

Follow the above, add some 3" or 3 1/2" Turkey loads, a couple decoys, a calm spring day, a turkey
caller, camo garb, a hen starved gobbler and a pinch of patience and you'll likely have a successful
turkey hunt.  See April 2010 results below.  After sighting in my SuperNova, I  have pulled the
trigger only twice in the field....downing a nice Tom on each shot during the 2010 season.
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Burris plate for turkey shotgun
comp-n-choke for turkey shotgun
Nikon Shotgun Scope for Turkey Shotgun
Trations See Thru Scope Rings
Top Turkey Shotgun
Spring 2010 Turkey #1 with
SuperNova & Nikon Combo
Spring 2010 Turkey #2 with
SuperNova & Nikon Combo
A note about shotgun shells.  Everyone has their favorite.  If you haven't patterned various
makes of 4's, 5's and 6's in your gun, then shame on you.  Being familiar with the pattern of
your gun brings better shooting, more confidence, more turkeys.  I would not consider
shooting anything but a high velocity shell and Winchester Turkey Supreme high velocity's 5's
and 6's (I prefer 6's) shoot superbly out of my Benelli coupled with the Comp'n Choke.
It's great to hear from friends and strangers alike on turkey hunting, so
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